Cliff Vaughn


Cliff is the principal at Red Clay Pictures, the production company behind "Brother Joseph and the Grotto." Under the Red Clay Pictures banner, he made the documentaries “Immaterial John” and “Sawyerville,” both of which focused on unique individuals. He has also shot, edited, written, produced and directed nine documentaries and non-fiction videos for a religious non-profit, all focusing on social justice issues. One was awarded Best Documentary at the International Black Film Festival of Nashville, and another aired on more than 130 ABC-TV stations. He holds a doctorate in American culture studies from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.


Carol Ann Vaughn Cross


Carol Ann teaches “Cultural Perspectives” and “Communication Arts” at Samford University in Alabama. She has made presentations to diverse academic, civic and religious groups, including the Society for Scientific Study of Religion/Religious Research Association; the Southern Historical Association; the Alabama Historical Association; and the Alabama Association of Historians. She is well connected in Alabama and has served on the boards of the Alabama Poverty Project, the Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform, the Leading Edge Institute, and the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation. She holds a doctorate in history from Auburn University in Alabama, with specialties in American religious history, gender, technology and culture, and the South.